Help Needed

I just started a new scarf project that I need help with. I am attaching a picture to help with understanding. Is there a way to hide the thread of the color change that is picked up (blue stitches)? Thanks for your help? Shirley

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Do you mean how to weave in the yarn tail? Or do you mean how to avoid the row where there are dots of blue and white?
Here’s a nice way to weave in ends.

Hello thank you for your reply. I want to avoid the blue and white. Shirley

I’m not sure there’s a way to stop the 2 colours mixing at the change over row. Usually I see this on the wrong side of the work but the right side of the work has a ‘clean’ change over.
You can make a feature of it by making some thin stripes before a blocked stripe of the second colour.
If you do 2 rows in the second colour then switch back to colour 1 for 2 rows then switch to colour 2 you’ll get some a section of thin and thicker stripes before the full change over.
Or if you change after 1 row you get those colour bumps on both sides making a slightly different pattern feature of it. Switching back and forth can make a nice pattern.

On a sweater or hat you can do all the colour changes on the right side which mostly avoids seeing the colour bumps.

There are ways to eliminate these color blips as Techknitter calls them for ribbing but not for a project like a scarf. What I did for a striped Harry Pottern scarf was to knit it as a tube rather than flat.
Work the color changes at the same edge to keep the blip pattern on a single side of the scarf.
Here’s more than you may want to know about stitch construction but a useful tip for ribbing.