Help needed with sirdar 1458

I was wondering if anybody could guide me along as I have knitted all the pieces up and become a bit stuck on the ears .

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Such a cute puppy. What seems to be the problem with the ears? If you think a photo might help, use the landscape icon in the middle of the top band in the Reply box.

Thank you for pictures,I have worked the ears out now, so I’m in a bit of a muddle for head,im guessing I sew to the markers then stuff it then sew again , this is my first go at a toy x

You can quote a few rows of the pattern if you’d like. It may help us figure out where the markers are and why. Just don’t post a large portion of the pattern due to copyright.

in half lengthways, join
seam from cast off edge to muzzle
line. Placing this seam at centre,
join seam across at cast off edge.
Join remainder of head seam from
muzzle line to cast on edge at
back of head. Stuff firmly
especially the muzzle, run a
gathering thread around cast on
edge at back of head, draw up and
fasten off tightly.

The last photo in this project shows the head fairly well.

The pattern is calling for the the head to be seamed from the cast off nose end to the constriction for the muzzle. Leave that seam for the moment.
Pinch the nose end together in a flat line with the head seam you’ve just started in the center of the lower lip. You’ll have a flat line across forming the mouth.
Now continue the head seam to the cast on at the back of the head. Stuff at this point and then close up the cast on edge by weaving the yarn strand through the cast on and gathering.

I have sewn most of this up now , just wondering if the head is right

The knitting looks very pretty. It’s a little difficult to tell but the head looks right so far. The second photo if showing the back of the head?

Would I need to sew the head a bit more up then attach it to the body?

It depends on the pattern instructions. Some patterns have you completely seam the head and then stitch it down to the body. Others leave both open and seam. For the ones I’ve worked, it took stitching the completed head to the body to keep the head from wobbling.

Thank you for your help,think I need to sew a little more then put head on top of body.