Help needed with knitting pattern please!

I’m knitting a cardigan using the king Cole pattern 4434. It’s a short sleeve cardigan. Have literally completed it but cannot complete the border with wrap 1 and turn onwards.
Could someone help or give advice please?


Very cute pattern. I don’t have this pattern but it sounds like short rows to shape the collar? If that’s not it, just let us know. To work these short rows you turn in the middle of the row, leaving some stitches on the left needle unworked. You’ll get to them later.
Here’s a diagram of what happening with the short rows that may help. It’s the photo labeled 5/6 shawl collar:

Here’s one method for working short rows in case your patterns calls for them. There are others including wrap & turn (w&t):

Thank you so much with this!!
Finished the pattern finally.

Perfect! The collar sits so nicely. You’ve done a beautiful job.