Help needed with Jean greenhowes pattern

Hi guys, I’m a total beginner and have never posted on a forum before but I’m in need of help if you can! I want to knit a duck family and the pattern says she only uses double knitting yarn, that’s great I mainly use DK all the time, but one part (to make a duckling) says to use single yarn ! I don’t understand what she means , I can’t find any yarn categorised as ‘single’ and it does state that she doesn’t use any fancy yarn - double knit yarn only. Thanks in advance

I think that single yarn is a very thin yarn that comes off a spinning wheel.

Are you sure that it is not a misprint?

Does the duck in the picture look different from all the other characters?

What size needles are you supposed to use for the duckling?

Hi there, yes the duckling is just generally smaller all around and the knit looks just very slightly smaller, I don’t think she’s means that cus it all looks like the same yarn! Plus it states clearly only double knit yarn is used, for the adult Ducks it says use double yarn and 4mm needles, for the baby it says single yarn and 3mm needles. So confused!

Does it mean that you use two strands of yarn for the mama duck and only one strand for the baby? You know for the mama duck hold two pieces of the DK yarn together as you knit.

Is this the pattern?

Based on what I’m reading of the pattern info I’d say use the yarn doubled for the larger ducks and a single stand for the baby.

Yes that’s the one, thank you so much for your help, I think that idea sounds sensible, I’ll go for it and see how it looks :smiley: :cheering:

I love her patterns, but every time I consider them I wonder how hard they’d be to do in the round! Hate. Seaming.