Help needed with "coloured pattern" knitting method

Hi, I’m trying to knit a baby afghan, and I’m having a terrible time trying to figure out what to do with the different colours of wool.
The pattern consists of blocks of 4 colours with a thread of white crossing between them. There is an note at the start of the pattern that says "work afghan in “Coloured Pattern” knitting method, using seperate balls of colour for each section of the design. DO NOT carry any colours behind any section of the design.
These are the instrucions for the first row, Using color E K15, using color A k1, using color E k4, using color A k1, using color E K7, using color C K15, using color A k1, and so on, well I tried, using seperate strands of wool for each section and ended up with 11 strands of wool hanging down from each section, and when I came to do the second row, there seemed to be a gap, when I went from one section to another as the sections weren’t really joined to one another, it looked a real mess, can anyone help me here as it’s driving me crazy.

Hi and welcome to KH!! It sounds like to me you are doing intarsiabut do you happen to have the name of the pattern? Maybe I could do a search for it to make sure :thumbsup:

When you knit with separate strands, you have to twist them to prevent a gap, since they’re not connected as stitches, really.

When you are done with a color, hold it over to the left and bring the next strand up from under it. Do this on every color change, on both sides, and they will twist automatically. Unfortunately, the yarn twists, too, so you’ll have to do some untangling.

Another way to do it is to knit the blocks separately, and then maybe crochet them together with the white. Just an idea.

I checked out the video, and it helped me a lot thanks.

Thanks for your reply, I think I’m heading in the right direction now.