Help needed with Brother KH860

Hi, I am a beginner at knitting machines, as I bought it only yesterday.

I have a problem with it. When we came home with the machine we set it up according to the book and knitted a nice sample. I was all happy :smiley:

We put everything back in it’s case and in the evening we set it back up. Everything according to the book… guess what, I cant get the machine to work properly. It jams up and bends needles.
We cant figure out whats happening or why it suddenly decided to not work anymore.

Does anyone have an idea?

It could be the yarn. Maybe it is to heavy for the machine to handle. Knitting machines usually come in a specific guage. I am not familiar with your machine to know what guage it is. I know that my Brother machines hate Red Heart yarn. They will not knit with this yarn, it just makes a mess.

Hi, thanks for answering!

We have found the problem, and fixed it!
It was the needle presserbar… it had no foam on it. My husband stuck a weatherstrip on it as quick fix, and i must say… it works like a charm!