Help needed with a stitch ..K5B(knit stitch 5 rows below)

Does anyone know of a visual i can see on this ?? I’m more of a visual girl … hee hee …

i’m doing this hat

I don’t know of a visual, but I can try to help:

You count 5 rows down. Go into the 5th stitch, and knit into it. Knit on.

Does that help?

okay so i when i slip the st off the needle and pull down till i get 4 strands the live st i knit it ?? so i put it back on the left need and knit it then knit on ?? :?? man oh man you think they would give visuals on this … hee hee

this is their (fibertrends) explantion :
K5B (Knit stitch 5 rows below):Slip the next stitch off the left needle and drop it down 4 rows . (There Will be 4 strands of yarn above the stitch.) Put right needle into the front of the free stitch and UNDER the 4 loose strands. Knit from this position, catching the loose strands behind the stitch. Give yarn a gentle pull before knitting the next stitch to take up the extra slack.

That sounds exactly like what to do. You drop it, but you’ll be knitting in the stitch in the 5th row so it won’t unravel all the way.


Okay but im not really getting the little puffs like the pic shows … :frowning: … and i am knitting tight … :shrug: doesn’t look like the pic … when i get home i will show a pic of what it looks like …

It may take going beyond that row and knitting the following ones for the puffs to look like they’re supposed to.


Make sure that when you knit your stitch, the strands are being caught by your working yarn.

just looking around at questions and saw yours. if you are still doing the k5b stitch, there is a video. google k5b stitch and it will show you.