Help needed with a knit lace pattern

Hi, I am knitting a cowl pattern, which appears to have a mistake and I I wouldn’t like to fix it on my own.

It’s a Lion Brand free pattern L0308. The pattern goes well up to rows 10,12,14 and 16 which require K2tog, k3,yo,k1,yo,k3, sk2p, which would require 12 stitches to complete and there are only 11 stitches in this section of a total of 101 stitches. All other sections have 10 stitches which add up just fine.

Am I missing something here? Or is the pattern correct??


PS. Have tried writing to LB but no response.


Welcome to KH!
The row begins with the k2tog and then the repeat section of 10 sts. Doing the repeat 9 times plus the k2 tog requires 92sts. The instructions then proceed with directions for the last 9sts (total of 101sts). (Login required)

Very pretty cowl.

Thanks so much for your quick response! :slight_smile: LB actually did get back to me as well, so now I understand the pattern very well. Hopefully it will turn out as beautiful as the one online!