Help needed w/ Mini Santa Sock Ornament

Has anyone knitted this before?

I just finished the part where it says, “Work stockinette st. on center 6 sts for 8 rows.” Am I supposed to break the yarn after this? If I don’t, no matter what I do, I seem to end up carrying the working yarn across the back/inside of the sock when I go to pick up sts at the opposite side of the instep…which I know won’t show on the finished product, but is it the right way to do this?

Thanks for your help!

I’m not positive about this, since I haven’t made it, but it looks like you shouldn’t have to cut the yarn because you’re always knitting across the stitches on your needle before you get to the part where you pick up the stitches. I think in the part where it says to “Slip sts from right side of sock” you slip it onto the left needle, knit across, and then you’re at the right place to pick up stitches. Does that make sense? :??