Help needed to shape a duck

Hello fellow knitters,

I recently started knitting and bought a book of patterns for farm animals and I am attempting the duck but I am stuck trying to understand how to shape the head and tail.

The instructions are as follow:
-K30, turn
-S1p, p to end
-K24, turn
-S1p, p to end

That is for the neck shape which I think I managed successfully. even though I got confused over the use of the term “turn” as it doesn’t say “wrap and turn”, I literally turned my work and ended up only building up rows on one end.

However the instructions for shaping the tail are fairly similar but shouldn’t they start on the other end of my stitches?
Otherwise wouldn’t I keep adding rows to the same side of my stitches?

I tried to find help online but this pattern wasn’t used so it wasn’t helpful.

For reference, it is the pattern from the Sarah Keen farm animals book.

I would really appreciate any help!
thank you :slight_smile:

Maybe this pattern. Certainly seems that the tail should be at the end opposite the head.
Read ahead to the finishing and see if there’s perhaps something about folding the pattern that helps out.
Can you quote a line or two at the end of the head and at the beginning of the instructions for the tail? Don’t give us the whole pattern because that can cause copyright problems.


The link you provided is exactly the right duck!

The end of the head (second half of neck) is as follow:
-P30, turn
-S1k , k to end
-P24, turn
-S1k, k to end

Tail pattern is as follow: starting from the pattern included in my first email)
-K10, turn
-S1p, p to end
-K2tog, k6, turn
-S1p, p to end
-cast off 18 sts at beg of next row

So my confusion lies with the fact that if I follow those row instructions as I currently understand them then I am starting the K10, turn (shape tail first row) starting from the last row of the shape neck part (S1p, p to end) on the same side of the stitches which doesn’t sound right as the tail should be on the opposite side.

I am not sure I understand the whole of the head/body pattern as it doesn’t seem to give enough instructions for enough row to end up with a full duck. I have already finished the Highland Bull from the same book but the body was made in two parts that was a lot easier.

Thank you so much for your help on this!

If the shape tail directions follow directly after the head and neck, then proceed on the same sts. There don’t seem to be any instructions to bind off or put head sts on a holder.
It may be that the duck begins at the tip of the head and continues with head, a short body and tail. The first photo of this project gives you an idea of what I mean.
As I mentioned the last part of the pattern (Finishing or Seaming) may help with understanding how it all comes together. No one has mentioned problems in the Ravelry projects so proceed as written and see how it turns out. If you like, you can put in a lifeline at the current row so it’s easier to rip back to this point.


Thank you for your reply.
I cant view the link as I dont have an account on Ravelry.

I shall continue as it is and see how it goes.
What you said does make me reevaluate how I thought the pattern started, I am attempting to adapt the duck into a Canadian Goose with the corresponding change of colours so it might end up looking like a Chernobyl goose…
the fact that is is simply one main piece for the head and body is really throwing me out of the loop.
Hopefully I master it since I aim to knit the rooster from the same book who’s body is a very similar pattern :confused:

I shall read the making up section again and see if it makes more sense.

I will also have a look at the lifeline technique :slight_smile:

Thank you :smiley: