Help needed to finish dog sweater

Hi, I need help to finish this pattern, as I can’t work it out. The pattern is Bird Island Dog Sweater by Sys Fredens. I have reached the final set of rows and the pattern requires me to change to DPNs x4 and work in the round to finish. I’m ok with this, but can’t work out which stitches to pick up or rejoin and getting in a pickle. Can anyone help please?

Thank you !

Can you quote a couple of rows near the change to dpns? We can’t post large portions of patterns here due to copyright but a few rows is ok.

Hi, these are the rows in question:

Return 6 (11, 15, 19, 23) held leg-opening sts to first dpn.
With A and second dpn, pick up and k4 (6, 6, 8, 8) sts along front of leg opening.
With third dpn, pick up and k6 (11, 15, 19, 23) sts along cast-on edge.
With fourth dpn, pick up and k4 (6, 8, 10, 10) sts along back of leg opening. [20 (34, 44, 56, 64) sts]
Pm and join to work in the rnd.
P one rnd.
K one rnd.
BO pwise.

Grateful for any help


These directions are for the leg borders. The photo in this project shows the borders on the leg opening knit in grey.
So the held sts go on needle one. The front or more forward edge has sts picked up and placed on needle 2. Sts picked up from the cast on edge are for needle three and the sts picked up on the 4th edge go on needle four.

I understand that, in that I need to knit in the round to form and close the ‘belly’ of the sweater off. It’s just I have two separate lines of stitches (19 each) that are held on stitch holders, presumably these will be needle 1 and 3 respectively. I struggle to see which is the front leg I need and which back …is it the front of one leg side and the back from the other side. The held stitches are not in the exact same place on each side, but they are symmetrical. Also my first leg side isn’t as fully formed I.e. has a clear hole for the leg, as the last leg. It appears twisted. I’m wondering whether I knitted the first side correctly, although if I hadn’t then the garment wouldn’t have grown as it needed to, to form the back. Perhaps, if I attached a picture that might help? I’m not sure that I’m explaining it well enough.

I really appreciate your help - thank you !

Just thought, do the four needles form the leg bands for one leg, then repeat the process for the other leg? Although, the pattern doesn’t say repeat on other side.

Yes, that’s what the directions you quoted are describing, the leg bands or trim. The project I linked to shows the leg bands.

These are not directions for closing the front of the sweater. There is another project that may help with the front sts. See the second photo in this project.

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Thank you so much. What a numpty I am. I can finish it now … yey !!!


Don’t feel bad. I made a dog sweater a couple years ago and wasn’t sure what was where either!

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I tried knitting a dog sweater a few years ago and barely got the tail end done - it was more due to it being basket weave pattern with increases than anything else. I’m awful with that kind of thing!

I think I’ve sorted it now, thank to some helpful advice from the forum. This pattern is easy to follow for a relative beginner, like me. Just got a bit confused at the end !!:wink:

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I keep thinking that as I make stuff for hubby and myself that I should maybe make something for our dog too. The trouble is she’s part Corgi, very long in body and short in legs!!

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The pattern I’ve made should still suit. It is based on chest size, not leg length. So a medium should be about right in size :wink:

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I think dog sweaters are puzzling because we’re accustomed to working with a different body shape. :slight_smile: I used the Perfect Fit Dog Pattern on Ravelry, which you custom size to your dog using a certain set of measurements. It had me “standing on my head” a couple times, but it did work – for three different dogs, it turned out, no two quite the same build. Since not all dog bodies are the same shape, there’s the extra bit about allowing for . . . . So good luck with yours! I’m sure you’ll get it right in the end. :slight_smile:


Thank you …really appreciated :wink: