Help needed- shaping neckline in pattern

Hello fellow knitters,

I’m having trouble working out how to decrease for the neck edge on a jumper I am knitting in what I think is brioche stitch (the pattern states fisherman’s rib).

Here is the pattern:
1st row: (right side of work) K1, (Y.F., slip 1 purlwise, K1) rep. to end.
2nd row: P1, (knit the Y.F. and slip stitch tog., P1) rep. to end.

For shaping the neck, it says I need to continue in pattern, decreasing 1 stitch at neck edge on every 2nd row 7 times, and at the same time shape Raglan until 2 stitches remain.
I’m fine with shaping the Raglans but I’m unsure how to do the neck edge decrease (as in which method to use) whilst keeping with the pattern as when working with Y.F. and slip stitches it gets very complicated- or at least it does for me!

Any help much appreciated!

You’re correct, this is brioche not fisherman’s rib. Single decreases do tend to be complicated. The best way to decrease is to decrease in pairs so that you maintain the rib pattern. That means that for your pattern you would decrease every 4 rows rather than every other row. That’ll only work for 6 decreases however. The 7th decrease doesn’t have another stitch to pair it with.

The other way to work this is to give up the brioche pattern at the neck edge, work in stockinette and make the decreases in the stockinette portion. Is that the way the raglan decreases are worked?

Thanks for responding. The raglan shaping is this:
1st row: work 3 sts., sl.1, K1, p.s.s.o., patt. to the last 5 sts., K2 tog., work 3 sts.
So on the second row I end up purling the stitches worked over a decrease.

It does seem like it would make sense to give up the brioche stitch at the neck edge and work in stockinette. Would you also recommend working the decrease in 1 stitch from the edge? I’ll be picking up stitches later for the collar.

Yes, working in stockinette for these decreases will work. You could work one or even two sts in from the neck edge.
Have fun working your sweater and post a photo when you finish, please. We love seeing finished projects.