Help needed please

Hi, I am knitting a little sleeveless jumper for my daughter on circular needles (this is my first attempt at knitting in the round). the problem I am having is that there is a pattern on the front of the jumper (where i have to purl the stitches intsead of knitting), I have done this but have noticed that there seems to be a large(ish) hole/gap between the last knit stitch and the first purl stitch. I have tried pulling the yarn tighter on this bit, but it still happens. I don’t know what I am doing wrong.

Pull it tighter on the second purl stitch, too. That might help.

Hi, I have tried this and also pulling it tighter for several stitches but I still keep getting the hole. I really need to fix this before i do anymore rows as this jumper is for a small child who will no doubt poke little finger through any holes:wink:


P.S. i have placed a picture of the holes in the jumper as my profile picture but it is not ahowing for some reason, if you click on my profile you may be able to see it.

Sometimes when you pull on the yarn too tight it makes the holes larger. You could try wrapping the purls backwards to see if that will tighten them up. I think it’s similar to the problem with loose sts in ribbing going from knits to purls and a backwards wrap is suggested there.

How would you purl backwards?

Wrap [I]the yarn[/I] backwards, the opposite direction from how you wrap them normally.