Help needed making up

Ive recently started knitting and although Im only making plain items Im fine with the actually knitting but when it comes to making the item up it ends up looking horrible and tacky. Can anyone give me any advice on neatly making items up please?:knitting:

You mean sewing edges together? Look on the Tips page under Finishing and there’s a few videos on how to join pieces.

Also, yarn fiber has a LOT to do with the way the finished project looks. Certain yarns and certain patterns just don’t mix. That’s why you have to consider what the look is that you are trying to achieve. For most scarves, fiber doesn’t really matter. But for tops like form fitting sweaters, you’re going to want yarn that has flexibility. For some of my favorite hats require yarn with some drape. Most slippers need firm yarn that can keep shape.

Just some ideas. Think about texture (soft, rough), think about flexibility (usually silkier yarns will have more drape, loser stitches are capable of more stretch).

Blah, hope I helped. :slight_smile: