Help needed ASAP on weasley sweater!

:whoosh:If anyone has the Charmed knits book, i’m working on the weasley sweater pattern that starts on page 2. and making it in the child large size… my initial cast on was 74 sitches, which is the same number i have now on my needles.

Anyway, i’m on page 4 under “shape neck opening” where it says (i’m going to modify it so everyone knows how many stitches i should have on here): “Next row (RS): K45, slip last 16 sts worked onto stitch holder for center neck, k29.”

correct me if i’m wrong, but doesn’t that add up to 76 stitches? also, does it mean that i slip the next 16 stitches onto a stitch holder then knit the last 27???:shrug::shrug::shrug:

They want you to knit the stitches before they’re slipped on the holder so the yarn will be in the right place to work the rest of the stitches.


So you’ll have

  1. . . 16. . . 29 = 74

Thanks again Ingrid :slight_smile:

I also found an error w/ the shaping of the second shoulder… but just reversed the directions for the first one so i have PROGRESS finally!!! :woot::woohoo::yay::cheering::happydance:

There’s a light at the end of the tunnel and it’s NOT a train LOL… just have the sleaves to do and i’m working on the neck right now (i know the directions list the neck last but I WANNA DO IT NOW LOL). puttng it up for the night though, WAY too tired now.