HELP! Need to know a simple ? about the yarn I bought

I bought this yarn because I wanted to knit a fancy scarf. I’ve seen someone posted something like this on here…what I’m not sure how do u start knitting with this yarn? Do you have to untie and start with the loose end? Help! Here’s a photo of this type of yarn…well, it’s mixed yarn! Does anyone know what I’m talking about? :??

Find a place where the yarn is wrapped around the skein and probably tied. Either cut it or untie it there and roll it into a ball. If you try to knit as it is, you’ll have a beautiful knot. Put the yarn around something or have someone hold it so you can roll it without pulling the entire thing up.

Thanks Ingrid! I found the end of it when I untied it. But I kind of got it into a little mess. Boo. I’m working on it to get it untangled…slowly but surely! Thanks tho! I hate beautiful knots! Waaah! :crying: (Here’s a picture of it…hehe.)

:shock: Good luck with it! :pray:

Lol. I’ll need it. Thanks! :oops:

EEP :shock: how’s the beautiful knot doing?

:shock: UGH! That looks like torture! I hope it is going better by now!

OMG TOOO FUNNY !!! I just went through the same thing over the weekend lol !!! Took me 10 hours to unravel my mess !!! Good luck !! :heart:

SOMETHING MUST be wrong with me
I do those Tangles and do not have as much a horrible time
I actually like it
sometimes it is frustrating, but it IS fun and gratifying too

something MUST be wrong with me


ecb, I love undoing knots, but not when it’s my yarn. I really love getting tangley knot messes out of little tiny gold chains. :drooling:

Next time you wind a yarn hank like this, be sure to put the hank around your knees – it will keep it from getting tangled. :slight_smile: Pretty yarn!

Hi everyone! Lol. I left it on the chair after about an hour of trying to untangle the darn yarn. Even my bf looked at it and tried untangling it himself. :roflhard: Hehe. I’ll get to it this weekend. It is pretty yarn and I almost spent $40 bucks on it, so it’ll be worth it to get it untangled! I’ll take pics of it when its untangled. Hehe. Thanks for the comments! Happy knitting!