HELP! Need sock pattern ASAP...which one?

Hi all,

I am getting ready to go on a plane trip and I decided to tackle my first pair of socks! I have a set of US2 DPN’s and some nice multi color sock yarn, 75% new wool, 25% polyamide. My problem is which pattern to choose??? I would hate to get stuck in the pattern and not be able to continue. Soooo…I guess what I need is a recommendation from someone who has already made some socks…a well written, easy to follow (preferably something I can print from the web) sock pattern. I have been checking out the free patterns here and there are some possibilities, but I would really appreciate hearing from someone who has already done a particular pattern and can recommend it based on experience!

I leave on Thursday, so obviously I hope to pick something soon. Thanks!

I am going to use THIS BEGINNERS SOCK PATTERN for my first socks…it has instructions for all kinds of yarns & needles sizes…and, talks to me like Im 7!

If you’re using self-patterning sock yarn, you might want to try the socks 101 article from Knitty. It gives you the math fundementals for making socks no matter what size yarn or dpns! It’s easy to follow, and the math isn’t that hard. :wink:

Thanks for the tips, ladies. Both of those sources are very specific…just what I need. :thumbsup:

My first socks were with the site that Kelly posted. Everything is spelled out and I needed that.

That’s a great site Kelly for beginning socks. I bought that sock book and did very well with their first sock… but those pictures on the site you show, the socks are so beautiful (the yarn wow!) that I feel like running downstairs and starting a pair… stash hunt first of course…

Amy’s video really helped me, turning the heel…

Kelly, I love that site. Those pictures are so concise and close up that I really think I might be able to make a pair of socks! I just have to get the right size dpn’s first.

If you have measurements this works wonderfully. I use it for all of my socks. If it isn’t descriptive enough…once you get the sock bug it is nice to have. :slight_smile:

Also, there is a sockknitters yahoo group that has some GREAT patterns in their group files. (along with instructions to do any heel!)

Edited to add link (DUH!)

Im really looking forward to making socks myself! I already have THE YARN. I bought Grey and Royal, the two on the right.

Hey KellyK… That’s my sock tutorial. I’m glad you’re finding it useful! :happydance:

Hey Twiggy!

WOW! Well, nice ta meetcha, and THANKS!,2046,DIY_18180_36323,00.html
I :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: making socks!! And it looks like u have it all under control with the sites that u have been studying!
But…remember…u must have bamboo or wooden dpns for the plane.
I’m afraid I also have a bit of a bummer for u! If this is your very 1st venture into sock knitting…u may find it much easier and much less frustrating if u use a larger yarn and bigger dpns other than the size 2’s because u will be able to manipulate the larger ones easier.
BUT…if u r already experienced with dpns like with hats or sleeves or something…my forgiveness, please!
This site that I hyperlinked u from diy helped me a LOT when I was learning to make socks…when I was able to watch her (video help on site) turn the heels and whatnot…it was as if a light bulb of sock knit understanding went off in my head!! The pattern is very basic and it is one that u will use and build from for the rest of your sock knitting days!! And…the pattern and her helpful hints are all printable (as a matter of fact I have the hints in a page protector in my knitting notebook that goes with me always!!)
Hope I was of some help and please forgive me if I stepped on toes with my 2 cents worth…lol!!
Have a great trip!!

thanks again everyone!

Hi Silver! I’m slow. Just now seeing you’re here.

[quote=“Silver”]Hey KellyK… That’s my sock tutorial. I’m glad you’re finding it useful! :happydance:

Can I just say I love this too! :cheering: