Help! Need Simple Baby Sweater!

I just found out I am going to be a grandmother for the first time in December!!! :heart:
I am a new knitter…I would love to start with a pattern for a simple baby sweater…no buttons. Really really simple pattern to read. I can do YO, k2tog but nothing too complicated but I don’t want just plain knit/purl either. Oh dear, that does sound very picky…sorry.

Also, I want to start on a baby blanket…what’s your favorite?

Can you tell I’m out of my mind!!! :XX:

Thank you in advance!

Congratulations!! Grandkids are great!

Take a look at . There are several easy baby sweaters and I’m sure a large collection of blankets, too.

I did the 5 hour baby sweater pattern (with a smidge of a modification) as my first real project. pretty sure a picture of it is on my site, if not, let me know, and I’ll forward a pic to you.

also, I really like the basket weave pattern…
(it’s going to be my first class with Lion Brand) :slight_smile:

I’m a new knitter too, and I’m currently about halfway through the ‘Daisy Baby’ pattern in the ‘Free Pattern’ section on this site. It does have buttons, but apart from that I’m finding it very do-able. And you can leave off the daisys if it’s not for a girl.

Thank you!!!

I’m just finishing the free baby cardigan on It is knit from the top down, and the only seam is the hood. It is my first sweater, and the instructions were very easy to follow :slight_smile:

Congratulations Grandma!!! If you can do "yarn overs’ buttonholes and buttons shouldn’t be a problem.

A baby blanket can be made with knitted squares stitched together. You can experiment with different patterns on each square to improve your knitting skill, so that when bubs arrives you can make lots of sweaters :smiley: :XX: Have fun