Help need on a Sleeves

I am beginner for sweaters,Need some help on the following lines of the pattern. I am knitting the sleeves for a pullover sweater.
cast on 36 sts.Work with ribbing until the sleeve measures 2 inch.
At stockinette,inc1 st each end of needle every inch 7 times - 50 sts.
Work until sleeve measure 11 inches.

I completed the ribbing part for 2 inches. For stockinette, do I need to increase one stich at every knit row for 7 times.(since 7 rows =1 "). :??
Can some one in detail explain the point no 2 on the pattern . confused how to reach 50 sts.

Thanks for you help.

On your first stockinette row, you should increase once at each end of your needle - that’s once after the first stitch and once at the last stitch. That makes two increases total so far. Then you should knit until you have one inch of stockinette and do it again. Note: This is not every knit row unless you have gigantic yarn. This seems to be 7 rows for you, although you might want to double-check your gauge just to be sure. You should continue this (increase at each end of needle, knit 1" stockinette) until you’ve done this 7 times. Since each increase row adds 2 new stitches, that means that you’ll have 14 additional stitches by the time you’re done increasing, which makes 50 in total.
I might be wrong about that very first bit, though - maybe you’re supposed to knit 1" of stockinette before you increase. A more experienced opinion would probably be of help here. Then again, maybe it won’t wind up making a difference at all.

I would probably start the increase right after the ribbing, since most sweater patterns call for an increase there, but I agree with tab that it probably won’t make much of a difference.

Hi sabapri,

You also might want to do the increase one stitch in from the beginning edge and one stitch before the end of the row.
This can help “even out” the edge of the sleeve and make seaming a little easier. You get a smoother edge without little increase jogs. :thumbsup:

Happy Knitting :XX: :XX: :XX:


Your replies helped me to start the sleeve,it is coming out good… :XX: .