Help! need a sweater for a picky dad!

He wants a pattern for a aran (not a horrid one!) or a guernsey, something ‘natural looking’ he says on small needles. He likes the pattern on here, but obviously that is a scarf and I would have to make the cables alot smaller.

I have looked on knittingpatterncentral and a lot of other places but I am having a hard time and I need some serious help! Any ideas???

There are tons of books and pattern booklets with aran/guernsey sweaters in them. You might want to go to a yarn shop or book store and peruse the selection there. Jameison’s has some nice guernsey patterns in their books, Leisure Arts has an Aran booklet. You might even look at Knitpicks books and Amazon books because you often can look inside them.

Here is one from and there may be others in their archives.


Google fishermans knitting patterns, aran knitting patterns, gansey/guernsey knitting patterns, etc.

you are probably right about the books, but since I am in a little town in Argentina there is just no way I can get them here. I have been doing loads of searches on google and everywhere but I just cant seem to find one he likes. I will go through the magazines they have at my knitting class here though and see if I cant find something. thanks for trying!

I don’t have any ideas for you but hang in there. My hubby is mega picky about stuff I make for him and it took me 4 months to find one that he liked. He still isn’t sure but I am going to make it anyway.

Picky people :rollseyes:


Nice Aran Pullover

Cabled Sweater

Aran Sweater for Men or Women

Knit Aran Pullover
(You’ll have to sign in with your email address on the home page and search for “Knit Aran Pullover”)

Another Aran Pullover

Cabled Vest

My DH really likes this one.

thanks those are nice, I will send them on to my dad, we will see what he says