HELP!Need a kitten sweater for my baby D:

I would appreciate ANY cat sweater patterns as I could just scale them down for his tiny 14 week old body.I suppose a small dog sweater could be nice too as kittens and tiny breed dogs have similar silhouettes.

I got a kitten a couple months ago.His mom was a feral that just happen to abandon all her kittens in front of my friend’s house…so I adopted him :3 When he first came to us his little 5 week old fur was so dirty and patchy that you could see his scalp in most places.After two months of amazing better cat food, it’s come in really thick and shiny.It has,however, gotten freezing cold here.This is supposed to be California >: ( He comes up to me shaking to be snuggled and he’s even started having to dig under the blankets at night with my boyfriend and I in order to get right in the middle and benefit from our body heat.Poor little guy :confused:

I’ve had a cat almost continually from the time I was a young girl and I just have to say that as a rule cats really don’t like clothing. :teehee: They have fur they can get overheated so watch the temps he’s wearing it in. Also…watch carefully for chewing. Cat’s can choke on yarn so if he chews it he shouldn’t wear it. I don’t think I’d let him wear it if I wasn’t around…but maybe that’s just me. :wink: