Help! neck shaping

Knitting a cardigan from’s free patterns and I’m having a problem with the neck shaping on the right front. When I did the left front, I didn’t have this problem. Problem is the left front directions are slightly differently than the one’s for the right front.


Row 1[WS]: P2, p2tog, p to end of row.
Row 2[RS]: K to last 4 sts, k2tog, k2.


Row 1[WS]: P to last 4 sts, p2tog tbl, p 2.
Row 2[RS]: K 2, k2tog tbl, k to end of row.

When I knitted the Left front the RS where the neck shaping is (directions shown) the K2tog, P2tog were almost imperceptible which is how it should look. But now that I’ve started on the Right front, the K2tog tbl etc is VERY noticeable! I mean you can REALLY see it on the knitted side!

Why would there be any change in the neck shaping directions between the right and left front anyway? Can’t I just knit the right front exactly like the left?

Thanks for the help…

The big difference is how the decreases lean - left or right. That’s why you do them differently.

There are many types of decreases, though, and you might want to try one or two on a sample square to see how they look to you. is a good site to visit for ideas. Down at the bottom of the page are several links about decreases.

The thing is that you want the decreases on both sides to match, so your sweater will look symmetrical.

Hope this helps!

the same thing happened to me when I did SSK…on a pair of recent socks…bizzaro…I am slipping purlwise, and it is VERY noticable…

i’ll take your suggestion of trying different decreases for that slant I need!!!

when i didn’t receive any replies, i went ahead and knitted it exactly like the directions said to and you’re right, the slant has and did match! thanks for your help…LadyJD :XX:

Glad everything worked out!

Post a photo of your handiwork!