Help: Neck and Shoulder Shaping

I am currently knitting a Snoopy Sweater by Gary Kennedy. This is the first time I am making a sweater and I would appreciate it if someone can shed some light on this works.

The green is what I’m working on.

My questions are:
Do I divide the stitches up?
How to do cast off the shoulders…? Won’t I have to join in yarn to cast off one of the shoulders?
Could someone please break these instructions further down?

I am so close to finishing the front part but I do not know how to follow these instructions.

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Yes, divide the sts where the directions say to knit 50sts and turn. The remaining sts will form the center neck and the other shoulder. You’ll get to them later.
Cast off by knitting two sts then lifting the first stitch over the second and then off the right needle. Knit another stitch and repeat lifting the the first over and off the needle until you’ve cast off all but the last stitch for this first shoulder. You can then cut the yarn leaving a 6 inch tail to weave in later.
When you cast off for the shoulders, cast off at the beginning of a right side (RS) row, casting off from the sleeve edge rather than the neck edge.
Yes, after slipping the center neck sts to a holder or to scrap yarn, join a new end of yarn to the second shoulder again leaving about a 6 inch tail.

Thank you for the reply.

I did manage to work out the neck part but i am stuck on the shoulder shaping.

I did cast off 14 stitches on the rs (knitside) at the shoulder side (not at neck side). It then tells me to cast off another 14 stitches on following alternate row (which is the ws). Then to work one row even. Then cast off 14 remaining stitches.

I did this but have undone it because it looked odd and i felt i missread the instructions. Below is an attempt to describe what i mean. Is this how it should look?


It’s correct to cast off the first 14sts from the armhole edge. The next alternate row however is the next knit row.
So cast off 14 on the knit row, work back across the purl row and then cast off 14sts at the beginning of the next knit row. Purl the next row and then cast off the remaining 14sts again at the beginning of the knit row. You should end with a stair step going up from the armhole to the neck.

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Thank you so much and your patience. I will probably have more questions when shaping the back.

I have attached a picture just to ask and confirm if this is how it should look like? I am hoping i did follow your instructions correctly.

Also how did you interpret those instructions? I would not have figured that out without your help.


Thank you

That not only looks right it looks adorable.
You end the previous directions with the right side (RS) facing. Cast off 14sts at the beginning of the next row. Cast off 14sts and work across the rest of the knit row.

The following alternate row means to skip a row, the purl row and cast off at the beginning of the knit row.

Work one row even. That means to purl across the next row.

Cast off remaining 14sts. So you would cast off at the beginning of the knit row.

The last couple of directions are a little odd. The pattern could have said “cast off 14sts at the beginning of the next two alternate rows” and that would have led to the same result.

Thank you for trying to explain it - again without your input i would still be stuck! I think i am getting confused with the wording between UK and US way of instructions.

When i casted off the 14 sts at the beginning of a knit row i then knitted the remaining stitches (is that what work across means). Then purled on wrong side (which i think is work row 1 even?). But i am grateful that the shaping looks right to you. I will need to make a note of your tips if i choose to try knit up a different size. This feels pretty daunting compared to knitting in the round.

Thank you for your expert advice and hopefully i can be as knowledgeable as you when reading patterns in the future.

You learn from each pattern so it’s very helpful to try new things and keep good notes.

Yes, “work across” is a non-specific way of saying work in pattern or knit across or purl across, whichever applies.
“work one row even” means without any increases or decreases.

These shoulder cast offs are usually stair steps. There are a few exceptions but mostly, that’s how they work. You’re knitting this pattern so beautifully. Enjoy finishing up and do let us see a photo when you finish.

Do you have any tips for joining in the new yarn for the other side to shape or will this be easy once i get started?

It will be easy. Just start knitting with the new yarn leaving about a 6" tail. You can hold the yarn tail alongside one of the needles if you wish. The first couple of sts may be loose but you can always tug slightly on the yarn tail to firm them up.

Hi again. I have managed to decrease on the neck edge for the left handside however if i am to mirror the shaping on the shoulders as i did previously… i am unable to.

Am i meant to decrease on the purl side?

I tried on a bit of scrap yarn to knit until i need to cast off 14 stitches on the shoulder edge which did not look right either.

Please help. This is very confusing to process.

For the shoulders, cast off at the beginning of a purl row (WS row). Similar to the first shoulder, you’ll be casting off starting at the armhole edge on every other row. The difference is that you’ll be casting off on purl rows instead of knit rows.