Help! My stitch fell off.

I was knitting and the last loop I had to stitch fell off of the left side. How do I fix this? I’m very new to knitting.

If it just fell off and it didn’t slip through other stitches just pick it up with the empty needle and knit it. If the stitches are further down it may be easiest to undo a few rows and put all the stitches back on the needles. If you need to do that say so and we’ll find a link.

I tried to just stitch it but it’s too big and it just doesn’t work. Yes I will try that! Find a link please :slight_smile:

Okay, here are a few videos on fixing a dropped edge stitch. She is using circular needles and doing stockinette, but the technique is same I think.

Here’s how to “tink” back your knitting. It’s undoing the stitches one stitch at a time.

Here’s how to insert a destination lifeline to unravel and reinsert your needles.

You can also just rip out a few rows and reinsert your needles, but be careful!