Help modifying pattern

hello all!
My best friend is getting married and wants me to make a shrug to wear over her strapless dress during the reception. She wants something simple just like the bell sleeved shrug at beatknitpatterns
but, she wants 3/4 sleeves, not full length.

I am a realtively new knitter and need some help of how to convert the bell sleeves to 3/4 length. Can anyone help?


I don’t really know how to modify a pattern yet, but wanted to say that is a beautiful shrug!! What a great friend you are to help her with her wedding day ensemble. :heart:

I think it would be tough to modify this particular pattern because of the way it’s knit. You’d have to know ahead of time how many stitches to cast on to get he right length.

I’d go to and look through their patterns. I’m sure you can find a shrug you like, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they had one with the correct length sleeves.

I have freehanded crochet shrugs for myself and others and there are only a few things you need. 1) Measure the bride’s upper arm circumference and add 2"- 3" depending on whether she wants it tight or loose. (You can also measure a favorite shirt, but I still add 1" to this measurement). 2) Measure across the back the length the shrug will need to be (elbow to elbow?) 3) Measure from shoulder to shoulder - across the back (or shoulder seam to shoulder seam on an comfortable shirt).

Then knit a rectangle as wide as the first measurement in whatever stitch you like. Make the rectangle as long as the second measurement. When you have reached the desired length, you then fold it in half width-wise (so you have a very narrow, long rectangle) and seam the edges from the each outside edge toward the middle, leaving a hole in the center the is the length of your third measurement. IM or email me if you need clarification. You can stop at this point.

You can also pick up the stitches around the opening with a circular needles and make a decorative border in knit or crochet around the edge. Some people do a ribbing, I like a crochet edge. Just do whatever suits the occasion and your mood.

:cheering: :cheering: Somebody who knows how to resize patterns!! :smiley:

Thanks everyone.

Smartcat - I have made several shrugs using your same method, but my problem with this one is that she still wants the bell sleeves, but she wnats them right past her elbow, not full length. I guess I’ll just have to swatch and measure and figure out how many to cast opn for the bell and do the math to figure out how often to do the decreases. I just wanted to avoid all that and get started knitting! LOL! :XX: I just want this to be perfect since it’s my best friend’s wedding… and it will be my first time knitting with really expensive yarn!