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Ok so I’m new to knitting. First time using a PATTERN. And I’ve screwed it up.

It’s for a bear hat. That came in a kit from Target.

So the size of the hat is 0-6 months or (6-9 months). Well my son is almost a year old. So I thought, reminder never THINK again that I could just increase the number of cast on stitches and it’d all be hunky dory. Um NOPE.

I had to stockinette 5.5" (I am doing 6" because ya know I’m making it bigger) Well now it I get to the decreasing part and this is where those extra cast ons was not a good idea.

Here’s the pattern and if anyone could PLEASE help a girl out. (no comments on frogging it)

~c/o 66 (74) sts
~work even in st st until hat measures 5" (5.5") from bottom edge, ending on the WS row.
~start decrease rows:
row 1: (RS) k1,*k6(7), k2tog, repeat from * across row, end k1
row 2: (WS) and subsequent EVEN numbered rows: p all sts
row 3: k1, *k5(6), k2tog, repeat from * across row, end k1
row 5: and subsequent ODD numbered rows: continue decreases, always starting and ending the row with k1, and working one st less before hte k2tog’s on each row, until you complete row 8(11)
row 11 (13): k1, k1, k2tog repeat from * to the end of the row, end k1 [18 sts left now]
round 13 (15): k1, *k2tog, repeat from * the end of row, end k1 [10 sts left now]
cut yarn, leaving a 12" tail

Anyway to REWORK the pattern for 79 cast ons?

Forever in your debt,

No clue on your knitting question but I signed up under you for Blingo : :cheering:

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okay i am going to figure this assuming that you are not making ears or anything for the bear hat in this section. it looks to me like it is just a normal gradual decrease to me. what IIIIII would do is do a “make one” so that i have an even 80 stitches. then i would

knit 6; knit 2tog; repeat until end
purl around every other row like it says in your pattern
knit 5; knit 2 tog; repeat
knit 4; knit 2 tog; repeat

i THINK that should work if i figured that out right in my head.

I am not sure either since I am a new knitter…but I saw you were an Alias fan and I have been addicted since day one!

Before you start decreasing, I would add an “extra round” to decrease down to 74 stitches; you’d need to subtract 5 stitches, so that would be decrease 1 st every 15 stitches or so (you’d have to fudge a little). Then you can follow the directions as written for the larger size.

BUR bren’s idea works too :slight_smile: And might be easier!

For future reference, when you change a pattern, it’s always good to add stitches in proportional numbers… so, since this calls for 66 and then 74 stitches, you could have started with 82 and pretty much followed the exact directions. Did you pick 79 for a reason?

Sadly I THOUGHT (again remind me not to think) that I had done 82. :thinking: B/c I did want to increase in proportion to the pattern.

So what does

I would add an “extra round” to decrease down to 74 stitches;

basically before you start decreasing you are going to do one more row and decrease the number of stitches you have down to 74 (if i remember correctly you have 79 right now.) So basically you would even disperse 5 K2tog’s throughout the round to get you down to the proportional number.

Oh ok. I see.


Ok so I DO have 80 stitches. What would be the best way to get it back on pattern?

Do I just do the k6, k2tog and decrease that way?

Do I need to knit MORE than 6?

I’m so confused now. :doh:

well, now you could ADD two stitches, then start decreasing

well, now you could ADD two stitches, then start decreasing

no think about it. if you have 80 stitches you should be able to repeat “k6, k2tog” 10 times in that first round because you are using 8 stitches in each repeat. Same thing happens with each subsequent decrease row. next would be 5, then 4, then 3, etc. Eventually you will get to where they don’t fit on your circs (assuming you are using circs) and you will need to change to DPNs. at that point they are very easy to use!

uhm, YEAH!

that’s what i meant!!! :oops:

omg…lol. how confusing are we?

Hild. Everytime I read your posts I read Dammit first and then the actual post every time! Your last one I read…

uhm, YEAH!

Dammit! that’s what i meant!!! Embarassed


I’m not using circ’s. :doh:

So when I get to row 11 or 13 I’ll have the 18 stitches on the needles???

This is my first pattern and first decrease.

And yes, I am throughly confused. :oops:

THANK YOU ladies so much.

The hat looks great. My camera is downstairs or I’d upload a picture. *will do that later

Now to figure out the ears. :thinking:

It’s all done.

Big but done.

But my son won’t wear it. :doh:

Oh my gosh…that hat is adorable!! Kids often don’t like hats… maybe you can distract him long enough for a photo in it. :wink: