Help me with this pattern! (Updated with pictures)

I looked all over and could not find a good explaination on how to do this:

P3tog leaving sts on needle, yo, then purl the same sts tog again.

Thanks in advance!

In the abbreviations explained section theres videos on p2tog and yo. Do the p3tog like a p2tog, but with three stitches; but insead of taking all the stitches off the left needle to complete it, leave them on the left needle, so the yarn is through those stitches, and you have a new loop on the right needle. Do a yarn over (so you now have two loops on the right needle). Then purl through those same three stitches again, this time sliding them off the left needle. This will give you three stitches on the right needle, and you will have worked three stitches, so you’ll have the same number of stitches at the end.

Hope that helps!
…Whatcha workin’ on?

I am making a blanket from a pattern book I received as a Christmas gift called Beautiful Baby. The blanket is called a “star” blanket or something…can’t remember. I’ve only been doing 4" swatches because I am still learning about gauge and this one particular stitch that I just can’t get and it’s so frustrating!

It’s marked “EASY” too!

Oops! Forgot to say thanks!

Amy, thanks to your help, I figured it out and finished a little swatch of the Star Stitch! I can’t wait to get my real one started!

Great! Have fun!


Here is the book I got the pattern from

I’m finding that I’m knitting this blanket up really tight. My left thumb has a dent in it from forcing the needle through. It’s noraml when I’m knitting and purling but when I do the cluster (from my first post), the purling gets soooooo tight. It’s looking good and I think it will be my very first useful project! I’m making it purple and white to match my baby’s nursery. Hope it’s done by the time she gets here!

Congratulations that you have a baby on the way! :slight_smile:

That pattern book looks like a nice one. I like the cover items.

It’s always tight to work more than one stitch at the same time. I normally knit continentally, but that takes a fair amount of room in the stitch to work it. When I have to do a k2tog, most of the time I end up “throwing” the yarn (like English knitters do), because it makes a tight stitch like that easier to work. For purling two together, I work it my usual continental way and it works fine. I’m not sure I’ve ever done a pattern that requires p3tog! I can see how that would be tight and tricky though! Especially the second time, with the extra yarn in it from purling it the first time! :slight_smile:

Good luck finishing it in time for the baby! I hope we get to see pictures: of the blanket AND the baby! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Happy knitting and Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

I’m about 5 inches into the blanket (it’s going to be 34" by 45") and I’ve dropped a couple of stitches. Nothing noticeable. But where should I make it up?

Ok now what? I have been working on this blanket for hours and unfortunately am not using very expensive yarn. During one of my P3tog’s, one stitch snapped. I don’t know if it impacted the # of stitices on the needles at this point-haven’t counted. But I’ve put so much work into this already I don’t want to have to stop!

Is your question about how to re-attach the yarn? …if so, see the section on joining in new yarn, on the Basic Techniques/ More page.

For the dropped stitches, be sure to secure them somehow, so they don’t run. As far as adding stitches to compensate for them, just do this wherever you won’t notice it, like near the ends, maybe. Or, just forget about adding them; if it doesn’t effect your pattern, then it’s fine to leave out a couple of stitches on a blanket, you won’t notice the size change.

Is your question about how to re-attach the yarn? …if so, see the section on joining in new yarn, on the Basic Techniques/ More page.

Well, the two ends that I would need to rejoin are not long enough to really reach each other anymore. Not a huge deal, I guess. I’ll tuck the ends in somehwere along the way. It looks so good so far, if I do say so myself but I had to FORCE myself to stop because I am getting terrible cramping in my left hand from the tightness of the P3tog!

Note the broken yarn in the upper left corner!

Oh, so the yarn on the previous row broke while you were purling into it? So you’d have to undo the whole row to get to it? I see. You might just want to do a duplicate stitch with matching yarn in that row, over about 4-6 stitches, to span that gap, so it doesn’t unravel there.

It’s odd that your pictures aren’t showing in your post. It looks like the place that’s hosting your images restricts your ability to link to them. You might try another image-hosting place next time. (Or just add them to the post right from your computer, using “add an attachment” when you post. )

Your blanket is looking GREAT! Thanks for sharing the pictures!

I can see how your hands would be cramping up!

I just had a thought…
This would be time-consuming, but if you wanted to make the stitches easier to work, you could do this: at the end of every row, transfer your stitches to a much smaller needle. Then work the next row with your normal size needle. It won’t effect your gauge, because you’ll always be knitting onto the same size needle, and there will be a lot more room to work into the stitches. Just a thought. I’ve never tried such a thing, but it seems like it could work. Also if you have interchangeable needles, you could do a fast trick, that would take no time, and have the same effect…


OK, I fixed it. Can you see the broken part? Should I just pull it through to the back?