Help me with the vest knitting:)


Im very new in knitting, so I need your help. I realy want to knit a vest, but i realy dont know how to. Maybe someone knitted something simmilar to this and can help me with scheme:)

Thank you!

Welcome to the forum and to knitting!
Especially as a new knitter, the best thing is to find a similar pattern. You can learn how it’s constructed and then be free to make up your own.
Have you joined Ravelry? It’s free to join and has a vast library of patterns. A quick search found these but you can tailor the search to look for free patterns or anyway you want by using the advanced search on the left of the main pattern tab.

Hello, thank you for your answer! Im not joined Ravelry yeat, but thank you for recomendation I will join it!

I can imagine how to knit the bottom of the vest, also i imagine how i have to make holes for hands, but the neck is the main problem… Is it has to be knitted like the diferent part from all vest? Could it be knitted with four needles or better with two? Oh any way maybe ill find more information in the site which you recomended for me :wink:

Yes, the collar is usually knit after the body of the vest is finished. Often patterns have you join one or both shoulder seams and then pick up stitches around the neck and knit.