Help me with amigurumi?

I wanna make this so bad. I just learned knitting. No idea how to crochet but my mom can teach me. I. Will. Make. This.

I emailed the etsy owner and they wont give me the pattern, im not asking for a pattern but i was wondering if you could tell me if like, the hair and skirt and arm things and tails are sew on or is there a way to crochet them directly on? Can anyone give me a tutorial link to the basic body shape then ill figure out the accessories

See if these help with some of the basics:

I have only been crocheting for a few months, however…
I have found there only a few stitches you need to know to do it.
I learned from jayda in stitches. Just type that in the search section on you tube for easy tutorials or go to to see her stite.
Begin with tge granny square video and you will be crocheting in an hour or so.
Once you finish that you will be able to do a slip knot, double crochet stitch,chain stitch and if you skip the yarn over in the double crochet, you will know the crochet stitch.
There is information on reading patterns on her site and in other places.
The single crochet stitch is most of that doll. There are many tutorials on you tube for the rest of it.
I make little baby owls.
Good luck.