Help Me Survive the FRRRRROGGGG!

Ok, so I just finished my first ever sweater–Picovoli and it’s AWFUL. It’s too short and the bottom rolls up, the sleeves are wayyyy more tank-like than the picture and the armpit hole is HUUUGE and bra-visible. There is no shape to it whatsoever and the waist shaping poufs out in the back. It’s so ugly. Has anybody else made this, have you run into any similar problems?

I’m pretty sure I made it at least a size too big, because I went strictly by my big boobings…and didn’t account for negative ease or whatever. When shopping for the yarn I also went by gauge and neglected fiber content (duhhh…) so mine isn’t a cotton blend either.

Here’s the mess:

I was so excited about this and even thought it would be ok when I tried it on a few times…but no dice. So (dun dun dunnnnn) I’m about to FROG the ENTIRE thing!!
:waah: :frog:

Oh god it might kill me! Somebody help me turn this into a laughing matter–I bet of you!

Honestly, I know I’m better off frogging. I will NEVER wear this piece of junk and this way I can reuse the yarn. Maybe I’ll reknit Pico a smaller size and try to do some mods to the arms and bottom. Maybe I’ll do something different. LeSigh…this is still gonna be rough! Maybe I should wait until I can have a few beers!! :clink:

Blargh! Gah! Oof! KaPOW! :verysad:

I so wanted to be proud of my first garment and wear it. This is gonna be rough!

:teehee: Very good Mason!

I recall a sweater that I made years ago for my mother. It was so small that she made a pillow out of the front and back. :shrug: Not every project turns out the way we dream. Just think of the satisfaction you’ll get when the yarn turns into something you’re proud of. :hug:

Knitting guy, I liked your other frog with the red line through it. :teehee:

Not ALL frogs are evil!!!

My favorite frog of all time. :teehee:


And I feel better already! :thumbsup:
I :heart: all the frog pics! :cheering: :happydance:

:roflhard: :chair:

I love those froggy pics! :roflhard:

You know sometimes frogging is a good thing :hug:

Wooow! :noway: Impressive! :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy:
You are waaaay more braver than me! :teehee:
I’m glad that you are feeling better now :hug:

Again, I admire your courage!! [b]seriously! /b
:notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy:

Funny how it takes so long to knit but only takes a few moments to ribbit the whole thing. :wall:

that is very very pretty yarn.
I’m sorry for your pain, and glad it’s over now.


I’m really loving this thread!

I actually enjoy frogging more than knitting sometimes :teehee: Guilty pleasures, I guess. How’d you get the yarn into such nice balls? :notworthy:

Such a big sweater looks like such small balls in your hands… :hug:

I know, it’s crazy how that string gets turned into a garment. I’m still proud of myself or actually knitting it even though it looked like crap…in all liklihood it’s honestly probably a style that won’t look good on me no matter what. I just wish the knitting didn’t take so long–especially when frogging the WHOLE thing took less than 10 minutes!! :doh:

Humble… I just wound the yarn into those balls as I frogged and that’s what happened. Of course, my obsessive anal-retentive type-A personality might also have something to do with it. :teehee:

On to better knitting!

:hug: you’re so strong… I have a ton of crap projects around the house because I don’t have the heart to frog them. Now you can re-knit it into something fabulous and you’ll be SO HAPPY you frogged it!

So frogging is the word for unravelling something? :oops:

Yeppers. rip-it rip-it