Help me please!

Hi I am new to this. I have been crochetting, but now want to knitt.

I have the basics down but need help with what to do about the yo.
When I go back through there is a lot of slack in the yarn at the yo. Is it suppose to be that way or what? I am desperate for answers. I am trying to do an afahgan for Feb.

Mistified by the yarn:knitting:

Do you mean that you are knitting a row…come to a stitch that is a yarn over…do the yo…finish row. Then you are perhaps purling the next row? And then you come to the stitch that was the yo on the previous row and it is slack?
If that is your questions…what you need to do is purl it, if it came off the needle, wrap it back around the needle and purl it.
I’m going to go do a quick search and see if there is a video that will show this and perhaps someone else will answer too!

The pattern is sl1, k4, [yo, k2tog]4 times yo k2 next row is knit all.

YO are supposed to be a “gap” in the pattern. So yes to your question.

A YO is a way of making a hole, so to speak in the the pattern.

I couldn’t find a video that shows how to knit the yo on the way back, but I read the next answer by Kamie and maybe that is all you wanted to know was whether there was suppose to be a “hole” or “slack”. And she’s right the yo is a gap or hole in the pattern . I was reading too much into your question perhaps thinking you had trouble knitting the next row.
Good Luck,

I remember not understanding YO when I tought myself to knit. YO will purposly leave a whole but the big gap might be because your dropping your YO stitch instead of knitting it or purling it (whatever the pattern asked you to do with it) so it will leave a larger gap then just the simple hole it is suppose to leave. Basically you will need to do the pattern as suggested, then when you do to work the next row knit the whole thing including the YO’ers, do not drop the YO off the needle then go to next stitch. WOrk them like they are new stitch :slight_smile: Totally hope this was understandable!:aww: