Help me please

I need to know how to do an increase. I am making a pair of mary jane styled slippers and it says to increase in the 2nd stitch until you have like 44 stitches total. I seen some tutorials on how to do an increase and when I did what they said it produced small holes. Is that supposed to be there. I would rather not have the holes :rollseyes: Is there anything I can do to prevent them??

When a pattern says to increase IN the 2nd stitch it usually means kfb. I don’t find that it causes holes. The most invisible increase is the M1 where you lift the bar between stitches with the left needle tip from front to back and knit into the small loop in the back. You can do this in the space after the stitch they told you to increase in.

There are many ways to increase stitches. Have you seen this page:

A ‘yarn over’ (abbreviated ‘yo’) is one way but it will leave a hole. Personally, I prefer a Bar Increase, which is a general all purpose increase, or a M1R (right) / M1L (left), if you want the increase to slant a particular way. All of these are shown on the link above.

Good luck.