Help me pick my next project!

Hi everyone, I am about to finish the cabled scarf I have been working on and I am thinking of what to do next. All the patterns I have done before this one have been labeled easy this one said intermediate and I had no problems with it really. I’m not sure what I want to do next I have done so far a blanket, bag, hat, and scarf so I want something different. I have looked at tons of free patterns and haven’t seen anything that grabs me. I just wondered if anyone knew of a good site for free patterns or could recommend something for me to do. Also I wondered if anyone knew of a good pattern book I really want to buy one but haven’t seen any good ones. Thanks in advance!!!

What about trying a simple type of sweater? They are not that hard to do, honestly. Give it some thought!

I just started a sweater called Mr. Greenjeans on

I bet you can do it and the best part about it is that you knit the sweater in one piece - very little seaming at the end.