Help Me Name This Pattern - My First. Boy Dog Diaper :o)

I’ve made a boy diaper in Peaches 'n Cream. Male dogs often get dumped at shelters because they have a problem marking, like my Peanut does. I admit if not for his little diapers (made by a lady at the Shih Tzu rescue with which I worked) I would have lost my sanity a long time ago.

Being a knitter of course I HAD to make my own :flirt:. I want an appropriate name for it. Anyone?

Here are a couple of pictures to help spark your creativity…because I’m not very good at such things. It’s basically a sash that goes around their middle. Sort of reminds us of a Samurai sometimes, but that doesn’t sound good.

His name is Peanut and in the rescue they had named in Pistachio for record-keeping sake. Both names could be used tongue-in cheek as in 'PEE’nut or 'PISS’tachio :teehee: but I don’t like either of those either. I want people to be able to find it on a search on Ravelry.

Help me pick a name for this pattern. It will be offered free on Ravelry and on my blog. He’s really overdue for a clipping, then I will take more pics to show off the diaper. :oS

Just out of curiosity, does this prevent them from marking all together? Or do they just attempt to mark and it gets on the sash?

It can’t stop him from hiking his leg, the urine stays in the sash and you wash it when necessary. However, the lack of fresh urine in the house can eventually help your dog learn that all his scent marking is to be done outside.

PUPpees? or Pull-PUPS? (play on pull-ups for toddlers training)

Haa haa…I like Pup-pees…

Good one!

How about sash or dog cumberbun or marknot. That is a real cute dog!!!

Ooooh, I love PUPPEES too!!!

Thanks. Like I said, he’s a rescue, from

I like both of those. Very creative. But PUPpees is really cute.

I agree! See I knew you guys could help!

I made one of those for my Chinese Crested because he has the same problem of marking inside

I call his a pull PUP!!! i noticed someone said it already, but now that i see PUPpees i like that better

oh, and to answer someones question… because my dog is hairless it stops him from peeing inside cause he doesnt want to pee with it on cause the urine irritates his skin

I’m going to share that with the rescue groups I work with, perhaps keeping their tummies shaved will help housebreak them faster. Thanks!

I had been calling them his PeePads, or P-Pads, (P for Peanut), but I like PupPees much better :woot: I can’t wait to get that pattern up. I really need to shave Peanut first, he’s a mess!

What makes it extra hard for him to stop marking around here is the fact that we live in the country so when he sees any critters outside our many windows, he figures he must let them know he’s there. Apparently he doesn’t think barking is good enough and figures marking is even better. He goes crazy when he sees anything: deer, squirrel, rabbit! And we have lots of all of those!



Sign me up to buy your pattern:whistle:

I have a 4 year old maltese who I love enormously but unfortunately have never been able to break of marking. He is housebroken, goes outside multiple times a day KNOWS where he’s supposed to poop and pee, goes to the eact spot everytime we go outside. But then will come in the house and when you aren’t looking raise a leg and squirt a few drops.

I recently tore up all the carpets in my house (except one bedroom) and put down tile. I bought a bunch of dog diapers on ebay and he is NEVER without them in the house (I use panty liners inside). I feel bad because he really doesn’t like them and in actuality he only wets the liner every few days but I have tried EVERYTHING I know to do and haven’t been able to break him of the occasional squirt. SInce he is NEVER seen doing it I am sure he knows he isn’t supposed to.

Another problem I have is that as an EMT I have a pager that goes off at all hours of the day or night, when it goes off he gets very upset and needs to pee, I don’t have time to take him out before heading out to the call. So whether I’m home or at the Firehouse the pad prevents a mess.

I think he is less likely to mark with the band on, although I check it so often I don’t think the urine has time to irritate

I would love to be able to “make my own”

I did it. It’s on Ravelry at

Now I just have to figure out how to change my own FOs to link to that pattern and how to add a photo to that pattern page!!!

Congrats!!! BTW, Peanut looks like he’s the “welterweight champion of the world” with his sash on. Such a little cutie.

The PupPee for girls is now on Ravelry. If anyone’s interested in testing this, email me at for a pattern.

Also, I created the PupPee Power group on Ravelry.

Hee…I just stumbled on your pattern on Ravelry…so proud!

And already 6 projects on the go for the boy one!

I must ask…is there a bigger size too? My parents have a Collie/Border Collie mix that could use one…

Welll, 3 of them are mine :lol: But thanks.

It’s a formula pattern, so you adjust it to the size you need based on the waist measurement of the dog.

I also made a girl’s diaper pattern (now testing) and am working on the crochet versions for testing.