Help Me Make Pie Crust!

Hey There Friends,
I know someone (if not all of you) who knit MUST know how to make a killer pie crust! Am I right? I am attempting right this very moment.
I cut the butter into the flour, then drizzle ice cold water a tablespoon at a time and try to gather it with a fork until it forms a ball, problem is, I don’t want to touch it too much but I fear it will all fall apart when I go to roll it out.
What’s the secret?

I usually only make pie crust from scratch when I have the patience and room to do so. I found some awesome recipes on
My mom has usually suggested a splash of vinegar…weird I know, but it works. The best luck I had with mine was the year I used a processor. I gathered it up and patted it into a disk, covered in plastic wrap and let it rest for a while in the fridge before rolling out.
It may not look pretty, but sometimes it’s a lot of patching together and so on. I am happy if I get a big enough circle to cover my pie pan…and extra overhang you can trim and patch. Then just use a fork or your fingers to give it the edge you want. Mom also is an old fashioned girl and will use lard when baking holiday pies
Hopefully my haphazard tips help out a bit… it’s a lot of trial and error. :thumbsup:

I am not an expert pie crust maker, but you are right that you do not want to handle it too much or the gluten will build up and make it tough. I typically add a little more water than the recipe calls for an I do hand kneed it to make a ball. Then just roll it out once - don’t reball it and start it over.

When all else fails I find that a good toss against the counter backsplash seems to make it behave better : )

good luck

Wait a minute, there are people who actually MAKE pie crust? I thought only the Pillsbury people did that. :wink:

Actually, my mom makes a killer pie crust, and I know that her secret is to let it sit in the fridge for at least an hour after mixing it all up. It works for her. I don’t really mind one way or the other, as long as it has strawberries and rhubarb in it. Mmmm… pie…

My grandma says it stays better if you add graham cracker crumbs!

My secret, buy Pillsbury ready to roll out pie crusts! :rofl: I am an excellent cook and bake all the time and I think they make a better crust than any you can make. Keep it quiet cause everyone thinks I make the dang things! :roflhard:

I buy the Pillsbury ones too. I’ve attempted pie crust a couple of times but haven’t succeeded. My grandma used to make a wicked pie crust with absolutely no measuring. Sadly, I didn’t inherit that trait. :teehee:

I even have problems with the ready-made roll out crusts. The best bet for me is to buy the ready-made crusts and then fill them. Guess there’s still hope. I finally learned how to make biscuits after 40 years, LOL! Now I can make biscuits using ANY brand of biscuit mix.:cheering:

do you have a food processor? my aunt makes it with frozen butter chunks and ice cold water. the machine does the work so your hands don’t warm up the butter.

My recipe isn’t very scientific and has no [I]actual [/I]measuring but its very good.

Add flour to the mixing bowl until you have a pyramid shape (filling to about 1/2 to 3/4 to the top of the bowl)

Cup your hand and pour salt in the palm until you have a little pyramid shape, and dump into the bowl.

Cup your hand and pour sugar in the palm until you have a little pyramid shape (slightly larger pyramid than the salt) and dump into the bowl.

Take butter and cut it into the mixture until the mixture is about the same consistency as dry oatmeal (it will feel slightly oily due to the butter). Basically it should all be about the same size, just mixed well. No big butter lumps.

Then turn on your tap, and add water slowly, mixing the water and flour/salt/sugar/butter mixture. Keep adding water as necessary until you have crust.

Because this recipe has no measurements, I always make too much. I usually have enough for two pies. Then I use the left over to make turnovers. Basically, fruit, butter, brown sugar mixed it up, pour it in the middle of some pie crust, and bake it the same amount of time as the crust and you’re good to go.

This recipe is a lot easier to show someone how to make, but it’s simple and good.

Just be sure to poke holes in the crust when you bake it.

I’m sorry, but I can’t help you. I’ve attempted pie crust once, using a recipe called “fool-proof Pie Crust.” It was a disaster. I swear, you could have roofed the house with my ball of dough…if you could have cut it at all, that is. I’ve used Pillsbury ever since. I figured that if I can’t make ‘fool-proof’ pie crust, it’s best to just let the experts do it. :roflhard:

I’ve been told I make a KILLER PIE:whistle:

I use the recipe out of the old Betty Crocker cookbook, use ICE WATER, mix it in a ball, refridgerate it for several hours then roll. I touch the dough ONLY when absolutely necessary. I also ALWAYS use butter flavored Crisco.


Ya’ll put butter in your crust?? Never heard of it. I use shortening just like Grammie taught me. Pie crust dough should be almost crumbly, that’s what makes it flakey.

When you cut in the butter with a pastry mixer, you get it crumbly before you put in the water.

The butter makes it very flakey and gives it a really light flavor. It also browns it really nicely.

My grandma had the best pie crust ever, but it had LARD in it! :passedout:

I buy the pies already made. Much easier.

Ok, I will admit that I’ve been dying for a home made gooseberry pie.

How many geese do you need for a pie full of berries?:??

I normally buy the Pillsbury crusts too, to save the sanity and eardrums of the other occupants of this house. But try the homemade only when I have the time to spare to buy the others if they don’t turn out…:teehee:

You’ve never had gooseberry pie??? It’s great stuff.

I also use the food processor to make pie crusts. I usually use a recipe (from that has the usual suspects butter, crisco, flour etc. It also uses cider vinegar.

I have also used their crust with butter and cream cheese for chicken pot pies (ate one for dinner last night-yum). Very flaky and not as greasy. I used the cream cheese recipe and added an extra tablespoon of sugar for apple pockets. I think I added a splash of the cider vinegar too.

For the apple pockets I rolled out small pieces of dough, put a little mound of shredded apple filling (apples, cinnamon, nutmeg, sugar) in the middle, folded the dough over and used a ravioli cutter to to make and seal the little pockets. I keep them in the freezer until I feel like having a mini apple pie. I brush with water (or egg) and sprinkle with sugar and bake.

I am sure that that is way more info than anyone wanted, but I love to bake as much as a love to knit.


I think all those that have said they make their own pie crusts with success should come to us store bought pie crust gals’ houses and do our baking for the holidays. :teehee: