Help me make and interesting color pattern!

I am thinking about knitting this baby blanket:

I plan to use two strands of yarn held together; one of Lion Brand fisherman and alternating strands of light yellow and light green. I wanted to do stripes and my plan was to make the stripes of yellow and green seem as if they gradually fade into each other. My first idea was to knit a few rows in mosaic as I change color, but I don’t know how that will work in this garter stitch pattern. Does anyone have any ideas? Am I making any sense?

Are you working with only 2 colors or 3? If 3, you could knit with color a and b, drop a and do 2 strands of b, then drop one and add another color c, then drop one of them and use a and c together, then drop c and use 2 strands of a. Or something along those lines. Mosaic doesn’t work with garter stitch, only stockinette.

start with 2 strands… (A and B)
work 5 rows. (or some ODD number)
drop A, and work 2 strands of B
work 5 rows (or some odd number)
Pick up A and work with A and B again
work 5 rows, drop B and work 2 strands of A

by working an ODD number in garter, the color change row will alternate between side 1 ® and side 2(w) making both sides the 'same"

better still would be to work with 4 strands and go from
4 strands of b
3 strandsof B, 1 strands of A
2 strands of B, 2 strands of A
1 strands of B, 3 strands of A
4 strands of A
3 strands of A, 1 of B
2 strands of A, 2 of B
1 strand of A, 3 of B

(and to do 3 to 5 rows before changing colors)

this would create a very gradual color change…

The color changes will look different in garter stitch. I think to make it truly look like it’s fading in and out it will require more colors from lighter to darker of the one shade.

You could also do Fibonacci stripes.

Thanks for the great tips guys. Lots of options to take in. :slight_smile:

If you are a member of ravelry, look up the “It Felt Random Bag” and along with the pattern there is a “ramdom stripe generator” (or something like that ) You pick the colors you have to work with and it spits out tons of different ways to combine them. Kinda fun to mess around with.

Good luck!