Help me locate this pattern...scarf

I guess I can do it on my own because I have most of it written down but I need a little more help.

I saw this at the LYS and when I asked about it they tried to explain to me how to do the fringe, but now I’m not sure about binding off.

Here is what I saw and wrote down:

Cast on using color A
Knit 6 rows with A
Knit 3 rows with B
Knit 6 rows with C
Knit 3 rows with B
Knit 6 rows with A

So the last thing I knit is with color A, so I think I just bind off with that…

The other persnickety thing about this scarf is the fringe…it looks similar to the fringe on a scarf in Sally Meville’s The Knit Stitch called Have Fun! Scarf. In that pattern, you leave a tail (8"), then cast on for the length of the scarf, leave a tail again, cut yarn and tie a knot with the end and new beginning of next row’s yarn…and on and on…

Does anyone know of a pattern similar to this?


If you google self-fringing scarf, you might be able to come up with something. There are some out there where you knit the scarf on the long end, is that what this is?

Yes, it is knit on the long end.

Here is a pattern that is VERY similar.