Help me find a pattern?

–not a specific pattern, but a type of pattern.

I have been thinking a lot about making a pullover using stranded knitting and steeks. I have found a couple on Drops that appeal to me, but there patterns are somewhat difficult to follow. I have only a little experience knitting stranded work and no experience steeking.

They don’t have to free, just reasonably priced (i.e. I can afford to spend 300 bucks on eBay for an out of print Alice Starmore book. :))

So, does anyone have any suggestions.

The two that caught my eye on Drops are this one and this one.

If you know of other patterns that are a little more detailed out there that are somewhat similar, please let me know.


Check out Sweaters from Camp from Schoolhouse Press; Meg Swansen’s Knitting; and the Art of Fair Isle Knjitting by Feitelson. They all have beautiful patterns and aren’t ‘collector’s items’ just yet.

I see you belong to Raverly so go to the Stranded or Fair Isle goups.There are patterns for free on there.

I went to Ravelry and looked at some of the patterns from the Sweaters from Camp book, and they are GORGEOUS! However, I went to Amazon, and the cheapest used copy is a bit over 50 bucks and a new copy is $170. (!!! :noway: :noway:) Not as insane as some of those out of print Starmore books. However, I’m wondering if I should grab a copy now before it gets more expensive.

Holy Moley! I bought my copy of Sweaters from Camp a few years ago at a yarn shop. I think it was about $30 at the time. Maybe I should be really careful with my knitting books so I can retire on them.:teehee: