Help me decide!

You may have seen that I began knitting a shawl. I had tested the pattern before on a different/thicker yarn. I didn’t really liked the last(third) lace pattern in the shawl and thought about using a different one even back then.
Well, I’m now finished with the second pattern and still haven’t decided what pattern to use next.
Please help me! Give me your opinion on the patterns I post here or have you seen a better more suitable one?
Or do you think I should stick to the one of the origonal pattern?

I like the pink one, but here are more that might work… (I like this one’s big scale since the pattern you are trying to replace has a similar scale) (the middle section)

I like the original, or any really…BUT…I just LOVE leaves :happydance:

The original is my favorite of all of them!

I like the pink one too. Not cuz its pink either. Not that there’s anything wrong with pink but I just like the design ya know cuz like OH WHATEVER you know what I mean :doh:

I like the pink one too.
But, I’m more concerned about the freaky yellow checkered rash on the model’s arms :shock: or am i just seein’ things? :roflhard: :roflhard:

Thanks for your help!
After some math and calculation I decided to use a totally different pattern, sorry :oops:
I have finished the third lace now, but probably have to change the edging too. I only had 4 balls and that is not enough(finished with ball three now). Since I already ordered yarn to be paid next month, I’m not sure I can buy another ball of KH. So, I’m putting the shawl aside for some time now…


I thought it was just ME seeing that yellow checkered rash!


I like the original best… it looks so elegant to me.