Help me decide!

[color=blue][/color] My daughter just called me… She’s Pregnant!!! They are moving to San Diego in August…(Son in law is a Marine MP) She is about 3 weeks along… so she will be due about the same time as Granddaughter turns 2!!!

So help me… Do I
a. Finish her afghan- I’m quilting a knitting afghan… So many of certian kinds of squares then sew it together.
b. Make Granddaughter’s special Gradma’s afghan just for her…
c. Knit daughter some cool summer tops… (with last one she showed at 6 weeks)


I have put my knitting on back burner… lol As usual…

Grandma of one & one on the way! :XX:

Hiya snowbear! :slight_smile: If you knit fairly quickly, I’d knit a few tops then work on the special afgan for Granddaughter. :mrgreen:

Congratulations on your news! :cheering:

I’d go with the baby blanket. It’ll last forever and be special and unique. She can buy maternity clothes. :wink:

:smiley: I must vote on the afghans :smiley: I agree with Ingrid, they will be special & will last forever…I have both the cradle & crib quilts that my mom made for my baby…she’s 21 :wink:

yup i still have both the afghans my grandma knit and i am a little older than 21 :wink: cuddled up with one of them this weekend in fact. I don’t think my mom has any of the clothes she was wearing 35 years ago! (okay well she probably does but i don’t let her wear them! :rofling: )

[color=blue][/color]Ok… I’ll work on daughters afghan at work… and Granddaughters afghan at home. Since Granddaughters (Angel) is a pattern that has 21 rows to it… I have to concentrate… Daughters issimple repeats. so that one I can do at work. Now… the race is on, lol 8 months to finish and start on new Grandchild’s stuff, lol

Thanks to all!!! :XX: :heart: