Help! Making up baby cardigan

I need help please :pout: I am making a baby cardigan which has ribbing added to the front sections and neck… something I have never done before!

The pattern says:
starting at lower edge of right front pick up and knit 44 along straight edge, 34 evenly along shaped edge, 22 from back of neck, 34 along shaped edge and 44 along straight edge. Starting with 2nd row of 2x2 rib work 1 row.

My questions are

  1. is it the right front edge as I look at it? or right front as if wearing it?
  2. where is says pick up and knit - does that mean there is one row of knit before I start the rib?
  3. if so, does that mean that I am then at the left front to start the row of rib or the right front?

This is very confusing for a first go of picking up stitches and adding :ick::ick:

Oh, and one more thing!!! The finishing is different for a boy or a girl - my friend doesn’t know which hers is to be, so which should I do???

The right front of the sweater is the right as you are wearing it.

So you’ll be picking up stitches up the right button band, the neck, the back, the neck and down the left side of the button band.

It will not look like a row of knit stitches since they’re just coming through the edges. Start your ribbing at the bottom of the left side of the sweater.

As for where the buttons go–I don’t think it matters all that much in a baby sweater.:shrug:

Thank you Ingrid, thats so helpful!!! I shall give it a try and see what happens :thumbsup: