HELP!making a double pointed needle case

I am a newbie to knitting, but not crocheting, weaving,sewing and quilting. One needle and thread is my bag…or else awful things tend to happen… Trying to make a quilted needle case to hold double pointed knitting needles but what is the max length and circumference of the largest needle??? This is for my son’s girlfriend before she heads back home across the country (Canada).She likes to knit by no pattern and I can’t follow one…
I thought maybe someone might have the sizing or a case similar? Any help would be appreciated.
Oh by the way, I am knitting just knitting a panel the size when finished maybe for a baby blanket with a CROCHET edge. So far no lost stitches or gained a miracle in the happening sort of like a wee babe…No babes to give this to so I will likely donate it.
My other son’s girlfriend seems to like hand made mitts and hats…Thank you from the bottom of my heart

Dpn’s can be as short as 4 inches long as 8 inches long, and their thickness can be up to, say, 10mm, though most people use thinner ones.

Your recipient probably has a preference as to length of needle that she uses, so if you have a chance to check on what length she prefers, that would be a better guide.

I’m no help on your dpn case, but wanted to say how thoughtful your gift is! Have a Happy New Year!

This link has sizes for a couple of cases that may be helpful. Scroll down for the dpn wraps.


Thank-you for the help and your thoughtfulness. I have gotten as far as the last step sewing the pockets and so far it looks good. Will try and get my DH to take a picture and post it for me…:muah: :grphug: :woot: Have a Great New Year’s Day!!!

My son’s GF’s parents are living inMaryland at the moment!!!

Well, good. Come visit! It’s a beautiful state with a rich history and friendly people.
Your gift is such a thoughtful idea. I’m sure it will be most welcome.


Thanks to my new friends!!!:muah: the case left thursday with my son! He seemed quite please…:aww:
Friends you have motivated this none knitter into one…So far have knitted a panel using 3 balls of red hart yarn. Started a 2nd one and will crochet them together eventually for an afghan…Need more of them. 1st panel was knit 5 rows then purl 5 rows… 2nd panel is k1 then p1… Exciting to me not so for others… :teehee:
I also made a small baby blanket you would use for a car seat just knitting and crochet the edge…for someone’s baby???
You know this means quilting has been put aside…Will have to figure a way :to work, quilt,knit, cook and clean…hmmmm:knitting: :whistle: :whistle: :whistle:
Bye for now

Glad the needle case worked so well. The panels for the afghan sound lovely. What a talented combination, knitter, crocheter, and quilter.

to work, quilt,knit, cook and clean…hmmmm

Cleaning is highly overrated!:teehee:

Ha! Another convert! :thumbsup: [I]And[/I] you’ve been busy. Your sampler strips afghan is a great idea!!! :star: Welcome to the world of knit knuts! :balloons:

I agree on that… My house clean enough to be healthy and dirty enought to be happy!!! I live by this, i work in the medical field and a little dirt doesn’t hurt. Builds immunity!!!

Super thanks I used your link and it was very helpfull in the end process…Since I only had thin long needles and no short needles!