Help - M1R & M1L

I always thought that M1R leaned to the right and that M1L leaned towards the left.

for instance if you were knitting a gusset in the round then when you are looking at the gusset (which forms a V shape) and you are going to do one increase before and one increase after your stitch marker - then your first increase would be an M1L (it’s the left side of the V) and the 2nd increase (the one just before the stitch marker when you are knitting back around because you knit the left side first and then around to the right side of the V with the right side increase being your last increase before you get back to your stitch marker.) would be an M1R.

now I’ve been told that is wrong. But I went and looked at one pattern that I have and it is done this way but shows it the opposite.

it shows it that M1R leans to the left and M1L leans to the right.

which is correct?

I’m thinking the knittinghelp would obviously be correct but I’m a bit confused.

One lady said that M1L means because the increase is done on the left side of the gusset - but why would you do a right slanting increase on the left side of the gusset - you want the right slanting increase on the right side of your gusset.

Unfortunately, knitting abbreviations are not as thoroughly standardized as most of us would like.

If the pattern you have says that M1L means a certain thing, then that’s what it means for that pattern, and you go with it.

Do you have a key to abbreviations for your pattern?

Typically, and I’d check your pattern instructions to be sure, M1L means that you’ll lift the strand one row below, from front to back with the left needle, and it will slant left. M1R is similar, except that you’ll lift it from back to front with the left needle.

thank you Aaron & Mrs. Davis!

Mrs. Davis - no key on this pattern - it is a test pattern for a lady and so we’ve emailed back and forth now and originally her instructions were reversed. Now she has that fixed and it’s really a matter of which way you prefer it to look as to which to do first. I did a test swatch today doing both directions and both work -

Aaron - thank you - that was exactly what I thought that M1R and M1L meant and I did google it and found that on the majority of websites that is the way it is done. I think it was the picture on the knittinghelp that was throwing me off a bit since they have the M1R on the left side and the M1L on the right side but I understand it now! A learning experience for me!

Well yes… M1R would be on the left side because it slants toward the right, the body of the knitting, while M1L on the right side slants left.