HELP. Lost stich, no dtopped stitch to be found. HELP

I am knitting a drop stitch scarf for my friend since it’s a really quick pattern. I cast on 20 stitches and somehow halfway into the scarf, I only have 19. I can’t find a dropped stitch anywhere but it may be because I’m using bulky yarn. Please help. How can I fix this quickly? I need this done by Tuesday.

Hi and welcome!
It may be that you inadvertently knit 2 sts together or that one stitch got carried along with another on a row.
Check carefully across the rows again and check at the edges to make sure it wasn’t an edge stitch. If you find it, you may be able to tie it off so that it doesn’t run down further.
Depending on the pattern, you may be able to see where the pattern shifts because of the dropped stitch.
You can then cast on a stitch if you need it for the pattern.

What pattern are you using? Can you give us a link to it?

I don’t have the link to the pattern anymore. I found it last year for a secret Santa gift and for whatever reason wrote it down instead of printing it. The pattern is quite simple. Cast on 20 stitches. Knit a row. Knit wrapping the yarn twice (not sure what this is called), then for the next row, knit the 2 stitches together and continue with that pattern until the scarf is at desired length. It’s bulky yarn so it’s difficult to read. It’s just a simple scarf and it doesn’t really look different so I might just continue with the 19 stitches. Especially since I’m way behind schedule and need this done by Tuesday.

Yes, as long as you can’t find a stitch that might continue to run, you should be fine. You can always increase an extra stitch to make up the number.

I went backwards to try and find the dropped stitch and when I couldn’t find it, I just continued but I just found it somehow. So my problem is fixed. :slight_smile: Note to self: finding the dropped stitch when knitting with bulky yarn is near impossible.

I use life line to help so if I make a mistake I don’t have to undo the whole thing. Dropping a stitch can be fixed if you use a hook and just crochet up the rows. lifeline helps a lot if doing anything but especially lace and more difficult patterns and stitches.