HELP! lost pattern notes for k1p1 rib hat - how do I decrease?

I started work on a simple k1p1 rib hat last fall. I put the unfinished project away at some point this winter, and now that I have gotten it out again to complete it, I cannot find the pattern. Can anyone tell me how I should do the decreases to complete the hat? I started with CO 120 stitches…
Any advice would be so greatly appreciated!

You could do the crown decrease? let me search
this is an interesting place, though I find it a bit confusing.

here, step five is relevant

If your question is how to decrease a ribbed hat, this might help you

This hat pattern is a 1x1 rib so the decrease should be the same even though the cast on number is different.

I knit those hats all the time. This is the decreases from the hat in One Skein Wonders. K2 tog, p2 tog across. Work k1,p1 rib for three rounds. Next decrease round: k2 together all around. Next decrease round: k2 together all around. Draw yarn through the loops and fasten off.

The decreases come out to about one inch. This is for a hat that doesn’t cover the ears and has no cuff. Straight knitting: 5 1/2 inches. Total length with decreases: 6 1/2 inches. Add one inch to the straight knitting to cover the ears if you want before beginning the decreases. Add another one to three inches if you want a fold up cuff, depending on how high you want it. For these modifications, Straight knitting: 7 1/2 to 9 1/2 inches (with the extra inch and depending on how high you want the cuff) and one inch for the decreases. Total length from cast on to top with modifications: 8 1/2 (one inch cuff), 9 1/2 (two inch cuff), or 10 1/2 inches (three inch cuff) roughly.

I have one of these hats on my needles right now.

Thank you so much to everyone for the excellent advice and helpful links! I will be attempting to finish this project tonight…