HELP! Links

Will someone please explain how to insert links in a message? I can do it after several tries. Also, how do you make the link say something else like “here”?


If it’s just a link, just type the url starting with http://AndItWillLinkAutomatically.

Or to link words, do it like this, 'cept remove the spaces. :slight_smile:
[url = http://URLHERE ]name of the link[/ url]

It took me a long time to get it right.

Click on the URL above

Then you insert = between the l and the ] [immediately after the second ] type the word you want [url=http:whatever]here

Then click on the URL again (it will have an * )

[url=paste your link]here](]

When your curser is after the =, paste your link [url=http:whatever)

When you have a real link it will look like this

I’ve been trying since Feb. to do that.
[color=red][size=2]dont know why I never botherd to ask though…[/size][/color]
But i’m responding to this post so i’ll be able to look it up easier next time I need it. :wink: