Help! Lamb's Pride

I am knitting a bag with Lamb’s Pride that will be felted. I’ve noticed that my face is so itchy I can’t stand it. I’ve used other wools before and don’t think I’ve had much problem but is it possible this brand is just NOT for me?
Can anyone suggest another brand that will felt that is chunky wool?? I’m open to suggestions since I really want to do this tote bag. I’m not going to touch that yarn for a few days and see if the itching goes away.
Thanks for any help.:aww:

It’s the mohair shedding that’s causing the itchiness. Does that to me too. Try the Nature Spun instead (100% wool) or lion brand “felt it” (at least that’s what I think the name of it is). Also has some great felting wool too. Not to mention Knitpicks has a lovely bulky merino that’s a really good price.
One other thing I’ve noted with lamb’s pride is after you’ve felted the item you will have to shave it. It comes out of the wash looking like a wet cookie monster.

I agree. The one and only time I tried to felt something, I used Lamb’s Pride and was so disappointed in the results. What a fuzzy, nasty mess. Someone told me that the mohair kept it from felting up tighter than it did. :doh:

Thank you both. I will go out tomorrow and find another wool that I can tolerate. I have used others but need a chunky or bulky one so the “hunt” will be on. No more Lamb’s Pride for me!!:aww: