Help! Lace bind-off instructions

Hello- I am a beginning knitter knitting the Legendary Leggings pattern by Lizabeth Towers on Ravelry. I have gotten to the last row of the pattern, but am now absolutely lost as to how to interpret the instructions. There are 67 stitches in the row: BO 3 (2,3) sts knitwise, sl st on R needle back to L needle, [k1, return k st to L needle] 3 times, k1 and leave stitch on R needle, BO 4 sts knitwise, rep from to end of row, ending with BO (2,3) sts.

I know a basic bind off, but what are numbers in the parentheses? And the brackets? And does the repeat 3 times refer to just the brackets? I need interpretation help please!

Hi and welcome!

The numbers in parentheses refer to the different sizes. Follow the number for your size just as you did at the cast on.
The designer is using the brackets to indicate the sts or process to be repeated 3x. Repeat the k1, return k st to L needle 3x.

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Thank you !