Help:Knitting pattern question

hi all.

ok! am just a little confused, I just starting doing this knitting thing, with the help of this site, you tube and books. I did my first project, a baby booties.

My question is, am making a blanket. the pattern say to cast on 3, row #1 (right side) inc in first st, k to last 2 sts, inc in next st, k1-2sts increase.

ok my problem is i only have 3 sts. i increase in the first st. ok now am confused. do i just knit inc in the next 2 sts. it dose not tell me how many sts I should have at the end of row one. Am thinking 6 sts.
how ever at the end of row 4 it say i should have 131 sts. please help am sooo confused.:hair: :???:

You should have 5 at the end of the first row.

Increase in the first and second stitches, then knit the third without increasing. The 2sts. increase is telling you that you increased your stitch count by two at the end of that row.

When the pattern indicates that you would have 131 stitches at the end of row 4, is it saying that you should repeat rows 1 through 4, increasing as indicated within those rows, ending with a ‘row #4’ when you have 131 stitches? Or maybe type out the rows 1-4 if it helps?

Thank you sooo much.