Help knitting combining sashay yarn

I recently started knitting thr ruffle scarf with sashay yarn made a few all good. But I need help how do I knit combining 2 solid colors of sahay yarn together. Please Help !!!

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Can you give a link to the pattern please. It helps us help you. There are too many patterns online. Lots for ruffled scarf actually.

Are knitting with both strands held together?

–sashay uses fishnet yarn pattern

It looks like you just pull out the two colors and line them up, one over the other with the loops at the same edge. Knit through the loops from each strand at the same time, similar to knitting with two strands of yarn held together.
If you want to knit with one color and then later switch to a second color. you’d have to cut the first color and fold under the last two loops or overlap the first and second colors and continue knitting with the second color.

Thank you will try that!!!